My name’s Stormhide, and this blog is purportedly mine to talk about enhancement shaman stuff.

I started playing WoW in April 2010, referred by one of my high school friends while we were freshmen in college.  I picked up shaman as my first class, since I liked the idea behind them, and he played a shaman as his main.  He told me he used to be a tauren shaman (he swapped to orc to play enhance better with the racial), so I picked that for my race.  I also liked their look, and as I quested and learned about their culture, I loved them even more.  Dblbaconator, the tauren shaman, was born.  When it came time to choose a specialization, I tried elemental for about ten minutes and found it wasn’t interesting to me.  I swapped to enhance and fell in love, and that has been my main ever since.

Without going too in-depth, my first guild (Epidemic on Darkspear) had…problems.  ICC had drained the roster, and recruitment on the server seemed dead.  I got to come along only because I was a warm body that was reliable enough to show up every week.  Eventually, they decided to transfer to a new server, Crushridge, and renamed the guild to Dreadnaught.  Cata started out alright, but progression hit a brick wall almost immediately.  A year of 30% buff ICC and mindless clears made everyone soft, and the guild rapidly broke apart.  The 25-man raid team shrunk to 10, and stayed that way throughout Cata.  Just when things seemed to be getting better, the guild fell to pieces during T13 and never recovered.

I spent a few months just idling in the guild, practically alone.  I was nervous about joining a new guild, and couldn’t find one that was looking for an enhancement shaman on my server, which was rapidly dying.  I finally found a recruitment post for a new guild, Displaced on Thrall, and it sounded ideal.  More relaxed, serious about raiding, but not aiming for bleeding-edge progression.  I replied to it explaining my situation, had a nice chat with the GM, and soon was transferring over to join up.

Things went well again for a while, and I got used to raiding with a group of great people.  At the start of Mists, I changed from tauren to pandaren and took on the name Firestout.  Eventually, however, the raiding core fragmented and split away, leaving me alone again.  I eventually got control of the guild and played with a few friends of mine off and on.  At the start of Warlords, I swapped back to tauren for the shiny new models, and took on the name Stormhide; I felt like I should have a more suitable name than one based on a cheeseburger.

Legion has left me in a familiar situation.  While my friends who’d dropped over the course of Warlords came back for the beginning of Legion, they quit once more.  Then again, I’m used to playing solo, I’ve been doing that pretty much all the time I’ve been in this game.  I still like Thrall, it’s a very nice, large server.  While I don’t do organized guild raiding anymore (just don’t have enough people), I participate in pugs frequently and do a lot of raid soloing!  And with a friend of mine joining up to play again, and possibly the return of some others, I might actually have some people going forward into Battle for Azeroth.  We’ll see!

If you’d like to chat, contact Stormhide on Thrall; I’m more than happy to talk shaman, WoW, or most anything else!  You can also follow me on Twitter @Immernaut, where I post random stuff and tiny thoughts that don’t ramble nearly as long as my blog posts!


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