My name’s Stormhide, and this blog is purportedly mine to talk about enhancement shaman stuff.

I started playing WoW in April 2010, referred by one of my high school friends while we were freshmen in college.  I picked up shaman as my first class, since I liked the idea behind them, and he played a shaman as his main.  He told me he used to be a tauren shaman (he swapped to orc to play enhance better with the racial), so I picked that for my race.  I also liked their look, and as I quested and learned about their culture, I loved them even more.  Dblbaconator, the tauren shaman, was born.  When it came time to choose a specialization, I tried elemental for about ten minutes and found it wasn’t interesting to me.  I swapped to enhance and fell in love, and that has been my main ever since.

Without going too in-depth, my first guild (Epidemic on Darkspear) had…problems.  ICC had drained the roster, and recruitment on the server seemed dead.  I got to come along only because I was a warm body that was reliable enough to show up every week.  Eventually, they decided to transfer to a new server, Crushridge, and renamed the guild to Dreadnaught.  Cata started out alright, but progression hit a brick wall almost immediately.  A year of 30% buff ICC and mindless clears made everyone soft, and the guild rapidly broke apart.  The 25-man raid team shrunk to 10, and stayed that way throughout Cata.  Just when things seemed to be getting better, the guild fell to pieces during T13 and never recovered.

I spent a few months just idling in the guild, practically alone.  I was nervous about joining a new guild, and couldn’t find one that was looking for an enhancement shaman on my server, which was rapidly dying.  I finally found a recruitment post for a new guild, Displaced on Thrall, and it sounded ideal.  More relaxed, serious about raiding, but not aiming for bleeding-edge progression.  I replied to it explaining my situation, had a nice chat with the GM, and soon was transferring over to join up.

Things went well again for a while, and I got used to raiding with a group of great people.  At the start of Mists, I changed from tauren to pandaren and took on the name Firestout.  Eventually, however, the raiding core fragmented and split away, leaving me alone again.  I eventually got control of the guild and now play with a few friends of mine off and on; mostly I continue to fly solo, but it’s nice to play with my friends from time to time.  At the start of Warlords, I swapped back to tauren for the shiny new models, and took on the name Stormhide; I felt like I should have a more suitable name than one based on a cheeseburger.  I still like Thrall, it’s a very nice, large server.  While I don’t do organized guild raiding anymore (just don’t have enough people), I participate in pugs frequently and do a lot of raid soloing!

If you’d like to chat, contact Stormhide on Thrall; I’m more than happy to talk shaman, WoW, or most anything else!  You can also follow me on Twitter @Immernaut, where I post random stuff and tiny thoughts that don’t ramble nearly as long as my blog posts!


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