Quick update!

Just a short update post to let people know that yes, I am in fact still here!

So, I decided to stop raiding full-time for a while.  Just didn’t really feel like it anymore, so rather than force myself to continue something I didn’t have my heart in, I dropped it until such time as I feel ready to go again.

I’m currently working on my soloing guide for BC raids; I’ve got up through Tier 5 mostly done, just have Tier 6 left to do, then I can post it.  I also need to go back and update part 1 with 5.1 changes.  I’ll try and get these done this weekend, then I can start in on Wrath content!

As for what I’m up to in WoW now, I’ve mostly been soloing raids!  Shocking, right?  Not been lucky enough to get a mount to drop yet, but I’m going to keep at it!  Also been working on the Brawler’s Guild; should write up a guide with how to do those.  Rank 7 now, only four fights to max rank.

That’s pretty much it.  While I’m not saying I will get the BC guide up by Sunday, I will say that it’s my intention to.  For those of you waiting for a how-to for BC, I thank you for your patience.



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