New beginnings

Wow, I hate that I basically stopped updating this.  I really have to do a better job.

Well, I figured I’d just post an update so the few people who stopped by can know what’s been happening.  Also for my own records.

After a year and a half, I’ve bid adieu to Crushridge.  I don’t regret the move one bit.  Word of advice:  don’t roll a character on Crushridge.  It’s become an awful, empty server.  Horde-side is dead, Alliance-side isn’t doing much better.  Just stay away and don’t think of getting closer.

If it means anything, I think that Darkspear might even be better than Crushridge at this point.  That should say something to anyone familiar with both.

I’ve made a fresh start on Thrall, a PVE server, including a name change.  Goodbye Dblbaconator, hello Firestout.  Needed a good name for a pandaren shaman (totally going to race change!), and I was getting a little tired of being named after a cheeseburger.  From my limited time with Thrall so far, I really enjoy it.  There are a LOT more people around, and trade chat is bustling with activity (and stupidity, but that’s to be expected everywhere).  My new guild, <Displaced>, is shaping up to be a much better guild than Epidemic/Dreadnaught ever could have been.  I’m not talking progression-wise, I’m talking community-wise.  It’s a guild founded on the concept that we all have more in our lives than raiding, that we just can’t raid like we used to, and that raiding can’t and shouldn’t be the center of our lives, but rather a part of them.  We play well, don’t push progression to the detriment of our raiders, and most importantly have fun with the game.  That’s basically exactly what I’ve been looking for since Dreadnaught fell apart, and I can’t wait to raid with them.

I know I haven’t made many posts here, but…well, blame my lack of focus on that one.  Diablo III took up a good chunk of my time for a bit, then other video games.  By the time I realized that I should really get back to playing the beta so I can make more insightful posts on being an enhance shaman, it was the middle of July and then I felt awful so here I am.  Rest assured I’ll get back to posts on the game, sometime soon.  Maybe I’ll fire up the beta again and see what level 90 is like.  Who knows?

So yeah.  Stay tuned.


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