Shaman blog, woo!

So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering “hey, why should I read this guy’s blog when there are so many other better shaman blogs out there?”  To which I reply, honestly if you’re looking for tips from the best shaman in WoW, go elsewhere.  I’m not going to be able to help you be the absolute best shaman you can be.

However!  If you’d like to read some lighthearted commentary on WoW from an admittedly mediocre shaman perspective, then by all means keep checking in.  I’m more than happy to oblige you and your strange tastes in online publications.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can resume with the standard introductions!Image

My name is Dblbaconator, or at least my shaman’s is.  I’ve been playing WoW for two years now, and I figured that it was time to start up a place where I could record my thoughts and experiences in the game thus far, to help me keep track of everything I’ve seen and done.  That’s the main purpose of this blog, but chances are good I’ll end up discussing other games as well, or whatever I feel like talking about.  It’ll happen probably within the first week, provided I don’t let this languish.

If you’d like to know my playing history, read on.  Otherwise you can skip to the end of this post, as this does get lengthy.

I started WoW at the insistence of one of my high school friends during my freshman year in college; he really wanted that X-53 Touring Rocket, so he referred me.  After hearing his struggles to get the Salty title so he could be Salty Scrambledegg, I felt like doing something similar.  I was 18 and stupid, so I decided to go for Baconator.  It was taken.  So naturally, my stupid teenage mind immediately thought “well what about DOUBLE Baconator?”  Dblbaconator barely fit, so that became the name of my freshly-created tauren shaman on Darkspear.

When it came to spec, I dabbled in elemental for a bit, but it wasn’t for me.  Pewpew just didn’t cut it.  When I swapped out for enhance…well let’s just say I haven’t changed spec since.  I loved it then, I love it now.  Hence the name of the blog!

After a month-long grind to 80, I ended up in his guild, Epidemic, where I felt a bit out of place.  These were top-raiders I was with!  It was intimidating.  Still, I started in a couple weeks later on ICC alt-runs, quickly snagging all sorts of endgame epics (this was when the buff was around 20%, I think).  Eventually, due to core raiders’ poor attendance, I managed to get into the main heroic run.  Times were pretty good; the guild was full of fun people to talk to, I never stirred up drama, and learned how to be a good raider.

Eventually, though, we deduced that Darkspear was not going to be a good place to stay for long.  Guild drama had torn apart the other top Horde guilds, leaving us at first place by default.  We were still beaten to the realm first by the top Alliance guild, but by then we had made the decision to leave.  We chose Crushridge as our new home, and most of us transferred over a couple weeks before Cata, with most of the remainder coming in as they could.  We changed our name to Dreadnaught for reasons I’m still not sure of, and proceeded to start working towards T11 progression when Cata dropped.

Unfortunately, this was when the golden times ended.  Cata was significantly more brutal than the end of Wrath had been.  I’ll probably dedicate a post to my feelings about the expansion, but suffice it to say it was a grueling experience.  Insanely long DPS queues, heroics that took over an hour to complete, the difficulty in bridging the gap between dungeon gear and raid gear…it was a challenge.

At this point, I was not doing well in college, to the point I had forgotten to sign up for classes that spring.  I suffered a pretty bad breakdown and had to leave for the semester.  I also forced myself to stop playing WoW so much, attributing my breakdown in part to playing the game too much (it wasn’t just WoW, it was pretty much the internet in general that I had a problem with).  I wasn’t there to watch as the guild started to fracture, but from what I can tell, T11 broke us apart irreversibly.  Raiders didn’t show up, stopped subscribing, or transferred to other guilds or servers.  By T12, we were a ten-man guild, and I was out of luck getting a slot on my return.  Back to alt-runs for me, if we remembered to have them.

(On a side note, it was during T11, March specifically, that I finally finished up Accomplished Angler and earned my Salty title.  Surprisingly only took me a year!  Figured you’d need something lighthearted to read to break this up a bit.)

We almost staged a comeback in T13; our core raid team was strong (I wasn’t a part of it), and were attending every week on time.  We downed Deathwing the first week, Morchok heroic the next.  Then…well, a lot of bad happened all at once.  One raider ended up hospitalized.  A couple left for TOR.  A couple left entirely.  The holidays set in, making progression tough.  Our website was “stolen” by the guy who had registered for it when he left for another guild (within his rights, but a dick move to do so without telling us).  Our vent server was also locked out by the old GM when he left for TOR.

The remaining members tried to recruit more, but we didn’t raid every week due to attendance issues.  Then our main tank (who happened to hold GM at the time) server-transferred after draining the guild bank of everything of particular value, including 100k gold from Cash Flow.  Worse, he left the GM character on the server, and continued to rob the bank of every bit of gold generated, logging on for one minute every day just to clean it out and prevent ownership from lapsing to someone else.  Because of how rights were set up, we couldn’t kick anyone from the guild.  And every time we contacted CS, they told us that since he was GM, he could do as he pleased with the guild’s resources.  Effectively, we were held hostage.

Some more drama happened, ending up with most of the guild (including the rogue with the legendaries) transferring to Alliance, and our acting GM leaving for another guild.  As it stands now, Dreadnaught is dead.  I believe that the GM will continue robbing the bank of cash until nobody’s left playing, at which point he’ll kick everyone and sell the level 25 guild to the highest bidder.

…wow that is a bit of a depressing story.  But that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Guild drama is the worst kind of drama.

So now what?  Well, I’m looking into new servers; staying on Crushridge would be cheaper, but I feel like getting a fresh start would be better for me.  Hopefully I can find a guild that’s more casual when it comes to progression; I never saw the appeal in rushing to be the best.  Why not just take it at your own pace?  Also trying to find a less terrible battlegroup to PVP on; Cyclone Horde is terrible at everything.

I’m looking forward to Mists of Pandaria because of the opportunity of a fresh start.  Go out and explore, have more to do than just raid every week.  When I get into the beta, I’ll be sure to start discussing the changes to shaman and how they feel compared to now.  Also gonna totally change to pandaren, just need a good name.  On a side note, how is it that 800,000 invites have already been sent out, and I’m still not in?  Jeez, Blizzard.

I’ll wrap this up now for fear of being too long-winded (ha, too late).  To any future readers, thank you, I hope you’ll come back and read some more!


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